"A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out"
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"A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out"


Changing Lives “One Arrow at a Time”!

Thanks to a fairly new program called National Archery in the Schools Program, or NASP. the men living at Exodus haveArchery_Ray a chance to learn, and practice archery each week.  The NASP is currently in over 900 schools and 47 states and is continually proving to be a success.  Exodus Place’s Pastor, Ray Townsend, has brought the program here, and it is the first time it has been used in a facility like Exodus.  Every week between 15-25 men show up in the cafeteria to either try their hand at shooting, or improve the skills they have already learned.

At Exodus Place, if any of the men are on parole, probation, or exhibit emotional distress or anger, they will not be able to participate.  Once they are off parole or probation, and have their emotions and anger under control, they will be able to participate under high supervision.  If they portray any actions that the coach deems inappropriate, they will be asked to leave.  This program also offers them more of an incentive to get on track.  They see other members enjoying themselves and having fun with archery, and they too want to try it.  It is another reason for them to get off probation, and to display appropriate acts and emotions.

So far, there have been no accidents or incidents, and all of the men who engage in the program have loved it.  It is something that everyone at Exodus looks forward to each week.

Ted Nugent Shoots Archery at Exodus! Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures and read the news articles on this big event!

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