Serving our Community

Just giving people the basic items for living doesn't address the underlying social problem. Exodus Place create's a sense of community, restore's dignity, and helps to remove the obstacles that prevent men from contributing to society. This is accomplished by providing the necessary training and accountability for men to excel.

About Exodus Place

In July 2009, a plan was developed to completely remodel a corrections facility located on the Grand River, to become Exodus Place. The facility had been vacant and neglected for more than two years. The building was badly damaged by water, sewage, mold and mildew. Most of the work to make the building habitable was done by volunteers, including recovering addicts and homeless men. In the first three weeks of acquiring the building, four of the original men slept on the concrete floor at night and worked up to sixteen hours a day to help make this dream a reality.

Exodus Place provides more than housing and three hot meals a day for the men living here. As a licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, we offer AA meetings, daily Bible studies, Wild at Heart men’s group, computer skills instruction, resume building and more. We are also partnered with New Community Church, which offers recovery meetings through their Community Recovery program every Friday night. We continue to strive to add positive, healthy activities for the men, knowing that their lives need organization and structure.

Our membership is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, we have been able to accomplish more and make a larger impact upon our community. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished partner of Exodus Place. To stay up to date about Exodus Place and the difference we are making here in Grand Rapids, MI, please follow us on Facebook.

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322 Front Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504